Congress distributed fake NYAY Forms - a Gimmick to Get Votes From People

Posted on 2019-05-03 13:55:36 by Shallaki Khandare


The Congress party distributed fake NYAY forms to BPL voters in Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan to mislead voters and obtain Aadhaar and other personal details.

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In an election rally in Simdega, Jharkhand, President of INC, Rahul Gandhi talked about giving people “NYAY”. NYAY is a scheme proposed by Congress, under this scheme, below poverty line families will be given RS 72,000 at the end of every year. This will be done by depositing the amount in their bank account. Rahul Gandhi himself has given this information in a conference of Congress. This scheme is a huge vote magnet and Congress has been using it for a long while now.

In the state of Rajasthan, the workers of Congress distributed the forms of this scheme and told the villagers to submit them, this made a huge amount of people take those forms in order to apply for the NYAY scheme. The forms clearly had the photo of Rahul Gandhi and the logo of Congress printed on it. After filling the forms the people (mostly women) went to the local government office and realized that the forms are not valid and would not be accepted. This was clearly seen in a video shared by Yashwant Mandawara on twitter, who is a part of the IT cell of BJP.

His tweet reads: "Congress making fool of villagers by filling fake forms of Nyay Yojna. This desperation on Congress shows"

You can watch the video shared by him here:

The Congress workers did not stop at Rajasthan. A few days after the incident in Rajasthan, they moved to the Khandwa constituency in Madhya Pradesh. A few Congress workers were found collecting the same NYAY forms from the villagers.  Although it is said that Rahul Gandhi was aware of these forms and had also seen them. In an image shared by “Patrika” it is seen that Rakhi Gautam, who is contesting the election from Kota constituency, is showing the forms to Rahul Gandhi and Sachin Pilot.

According to the available images of the forms, private information like the bank account number and the Aadhar number were asked on the form, the form being perforated, one of the copies was kept by the Congress workers. Holding such information of the common people is anyway a threat to the privacy of the concerned individual.

Along with the video, Yashwant Mandawara also shared an article from “Patrika” stating how Congress circulated the fake forms.

NYAY Scheme

Congress President Rahul Gandhi announced the ambitious NYAY scheme on March 25 this year. The minimum income support scheme (MISP) promises to provide Rs 72,000 annually to 20% families in poorest of the poor category, benefiting around 25 crore people. The Congress party had said , "There will a be Design phase (3 months) followed by a Pilot and Testing phase (6-9 months) before the roll-out of the scheme."

The NYAY schema has been proposed to be a government scheme and hence the presence of Congress party's symbol is enough to prove that the form is fake. The official form should have the government's stamp rather than the party's symbol.

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