Dalit beaten for traveling in luxury car by BJP MLA? No, the video is of inlaws beating a man for abusing his wife

Posted on 2019-05-01 14:53:43 by Samyuktha Mirra


A video of inlaws beating a man for physically abusing wife is being shared as BJP MLA Anil Upadhyay and his men thrashing a Dalit for riding a posh car. 

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A viral video of a group of people beating up a man on the streets has been spreading through social media recently. Several tweets and Facebook posts have shared this video with different contexts. A Twitter user Mohd. Nadim Shaikh has tweeted the video with the caption roughly translating to “Modi Ji, What will you say about this behaviour of Anil Upadhyay who is a BJP MLA. Make this video so viral that it reaches to every Indian. Dalits cannot even travel in posh cars?” It implies that the BJP MLA and his followers are beating up a Dalit man who was traveling in a posh car.

You can watch the video here:

This is has been shared by several users to claim that BJP MLA was caught beating a Dalit for driving a luxury car. You can few of the tweets here, here, here and here.

This was picked up by several other users on Facebook as well. You can see all such posts here.

Another tweet from a user captioned this video as RSS members behaviour against a person who had wrongly parked his car. The tweet reads: "In Modi's Gujarat self styled RSS trafic guards punish car owner for wrong parking.what a criminal justice in the land of new mahatma modi."

Video of inlaws thrashing a man for beating wife

 The factual context of this viral video is in no way related to the misleading context attached to it. The incident recorded in the video had happened way back on April 5, 2017 where a man’s in-laws had beaten him up because he had physically abused his wife. The full report of this incident can be accessed here. The incident was reported by India TV as well.

No BJP MLA named Anil Upadhyay

Moreover, we tried to find whether the person's name used by social media users that is ‘Anil Upadhyay’ is actually associated with BJP. No official reports claim anyone called ‘Anil Upadhyay’ under BJP. India Today also busted another fake news where a video of a man talking about Modi reducing corruption went viral with several users claiming that the person is Anil Upadhyay, a Congress MLA. The article reported that the man in the video aired by is not an MLA. His name is Mohan Pandey and not Anil Upadhyay. This man’s name was also used in another fake source which claimed that Anil Upadhyay is a Congress MLA who had beat up a policeman in a restaurant. This was also debunked by India Today.

In conclusion, the context of the virally spread video is not political. We are unsure as to why the name ‘Anil Upadhyay’ has been used to spread fake news and as of now, we have not found any official political connection to this name and a political party.

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