Fact Check : Malfunctioning EVM in Goa recorded 17 votes for Congress not BJP during mock polls

Posted on 2019-04-28 07:42:43 by Samyuktha Mirra


The CEO of Goa revealed in a press release that the 17 votes which were said to be cast for BJP have actually been cast for the Indian National Congress. The rumour of 17 votes to BJP was started by Aam Aadmi Party's South Goa Lok Sabha candidate Elvis Gomes.

Fact Hunt had already published an article regarding fake news being spread about EVMs malfunctioning and casting votes for the BJP party. This was debunked by us and proven to be false. A part of the article also contains a tweet from a user who claimed that in the first mock polls conducted in Goa, a malfunctioning EVM cast wrong votes with highest being 17 votes for BJP in AC 34, PS 32 in South Goa. The CEO of Goa replied to this saying that the entire set of EVM which was alleged to be malfunctioning has been replaced.

Our previous article can be accessed here. Several users and even online news portal had spread the news that 17 votes had been allegedly cast for the BJP. The logical Indian tweeted "During the mock polling, the Bharatiya Janata Party received 17 votes from its quota of 9 votes. The incident happened a few hours before the third phase of the election during mock polling."

The mouthpiece of Aam Aadmi Party, Janta Ka Reporter tweeted "HUGE- In 'election of shame' BJP gets 17 votes from EVM with 9 votes, embarrassed Election Commission changes 'entire set of EVM' in Goa. Complaints of EVM malfunctioning reported from Kerala, Karnataka, and Rampur in Uttar Pradesh".

Their article can be accessed here.

The rumour was started by the conveyor of AAP Goa, Elvis Gomes who tweeted on April 23: "Election of shame ? Mock poll with 9 votes for each of 6 candidates in booth no 31 in 34 AC in Goa. Total count BJP gets 17, Cong 9 , Aap 8. Ind 1 . Robbery. @SpokespersonECI , @CEO_Goa claims are hollow . @AamAadmiParty pl take up".

17 votes went to Congress, not BJP

CEO of Goa has refuted media reports that all votes went to the BJP, irrespective of the button pressed, on an EVM which malfunctioned at a polling station in the South Goa Lok Sabha seat.

In a press statement released on April 26, Goa Chief Electoral Officer Kunal said such reports were "false, misleading and factually incorrect". He reveals that the 17 votes which were said to be cast for BJP have actually been cast for the Indian National Congress. The press release attached along with a tweet from the official account of the CEO of Goa which clarified that those 17 votes were indeed cast for INC.

The tweet by CEO Goa Election reads:

Press Release on Outcome of First Mockpoll in AC 34, PS 32 in South Goa P.C. Allegation of 17 votes being cast for BJP candidate during first mockpoll with defective machine is factually incorrect, in fact during first mockpoll 17 votes were recorded in favour of INC candidate.

Susequently, the defective machine set was replaced with completely new set from reserve pool in which mock poll was carried out accurately in presence of polling agent and polling was conducted peacefully during the day without any complaint.

The general public and all the stakeholders in the electoral process are requested not to heed to any false, malicious and motivated rumors in this regard. The Commission is committed to ensuring the accuracy, transparency and credibility of the EVM-VVPAT based voting process.

The official twitter handle also insisted people not to believe any false and malicious rumours and also reassured people that the commission is committed to the proper functioning of the EVM-VVPAT voting process.

You can read the full press release here:

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