Suresh Nakhua called Priyanka Gandhi "An Itemgirl of Politics": No, HTN Tiranga TV caught spreading misinformation

Posted on 2019-04-24 15:41:07 by Samyuktha Mirra


BJP's Mumbai Spokesperson Suresh Nakhua didn't call Priyanka Gandhi "An Itemgirl of Politics". He was quoting Rajdeep Sardesai who in 2014 had said that Priyanka Gandhi does politics like an item girl.

HTN Tiranga TV backed by Kapil Sibal falsely attributes the quote to BJP spokesperson Suresh Nakhua.

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A TV News Channel named HTN Tiranga TV tweeted out today that a BJP spokesperson made an objectionable remark about Priyanka Gandhi. The tweet reads: "BJP Mumbai spokesperson Suresh Nakhua makes objectionable remark against Priyanka Gandhi Vadra".

Earlier Suresh Nakhua had tweeted "It would be better for "Itemgirl of Politics" (not my words, words of a journalist) Priyanka Vadra to concentrate on family bastions which they are losing."

Now, after verifying these claims Fact Hunt had debunked this as false news. Firstly, the offensive remark against Priyanka Gandhi was not made by Suresh Nakhua as claimed by HTN Tiranga TV but by Rajdeep Sardesai back in 2014. This had happened when Sardesai who is a very prominent author and anchor at India Today had attended the Tata Literature Live Festival in 2014. He had just released his book 2014 The Election That Changed India and was involved in a conversation where he was asked some questions by Shobha De in the context of Journalism and Politics. One of the questions was asking his opinionated views on Priyanka Gandhi and if he thinks she can get Congress out of the mess it seems to be in. To this particular question, Sardesai remarked: "Priyanka Gandhi does politics like an item girl,". He also said that "The Gandhis need to realise that people want a leader who engages 24x7. Modi has got that right from the beginning.". He continued to make remarks against Congress and addressed several other aspects of politics in that festival which is given as a detailed report here. This remark of his shocked a lot and many took social media to share this and some news agencies even covered this back then.

The official twitter account of the Channel has quoted this false information with a tweet from Suresh Nakhua. It is to be noted that it is indeed the official account of Nakhua, however, he has clearly mentioned in his tweet that the phrase describing Priyanka Gandhi as an item girl was made by a ‘journalist’. Whether it is considered by some to be wrong to quote such an offensive remark in his tweet, it is misleading for HTN Channel to misquote his tweet. Nakhua later tweeted to call out the Channel for misquoting him and he also retweeted tweets from users who had pointed out HTN Channel’s misleading tweet.

Moreover, it has to be noted that this channel is supported and promoted by Kapil Sibal who is known as a prominent MP of Congress. It is seen that the channel has been having name authorization problems for which Sibal who is financing the channel claimed that the government is pressurizing the cable and other networks to stop the airing of his channel.

In conclusion, the news channel HTN Tiranga TV which is supported by Kapil Sibal has misquoted and spread false and misleading information about a BJP spokesperson Suresh Nakhua.

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