BSE India asked people not to vote for Modi: No, the viral picture is photoshopped

Posted on 2019-04-20 18:27:09 by FactHunt Admin


The photoshopped picture shared by Kunal Kamra as a satire is going viral as real news of BSE asking people not to vote for PM Modi. 

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On April 14, Kunal Kamra tweeted a set of images with a caption "These photos are as real as Modiji's promises...". All the images shared in the tweet was morphed and was meant for satire.

The second image was the building of BSE India displaying an appeal to not to vote for Modi. Since the critics of PM Modi have long been accusing him of making hollow promises, the caption of Kunal Kamra's tweet suggests that the pictures tweeted by him are not real.

Still the image of BSE's building with a message "DON't VOTE FOR MODI" is going viral on social media. A Facebook page "Deen aur Duniya" shared the picture to claim that Mumbai's share market has also now written, "Don't vote for Modi". The post has more than 15 thousand shares at the time of writing this post.

A Facebook user PM Bheem Samrat Aditya has shared the same picture with the exact same message in a group called Ambedkarvad - Ambedkarism. The post has garnered 256 shares at the time of writing this post.

The picture has been shared by several other users on Facebook and is going viral on Whatsapp as well.

Fake Picture

The official Twitter handle of BSE India has clarified that the picture shared by Kunal Kamra is fake and morphed and they are considering legal action against him.

The tweet reads:

A fake morphed photo against a political party using BSE building has been shared by @kunalkamra88.BSE is extremely disappointed at unfortunate,unauthorized & illegal use of BSE buildg fr nefarious activities.BSE reserves right to take appropriate legal action agnst @kunalkamra88

Many users including Anand Ranganathan have defended Kunal Kamra.

"This is ridiculous. Was clearly a satire. God knows how many times I'd have been sued had good sense - and an even better sense of humour - not prevailed among the victims. I stand with @kunalkamra88", tweeted Anand Ranganathan.

On the other hand, many people have pointed out that the Stock Exchange is a highly sensitive market and millions of money can be wiped out due to a piece of fake news like this. Hence, BSE is well within its right to sue Kunal Kamra.


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