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CIA, KGB, MOSAD survey says that NDA will lose 2019 election? No, the BBC Survey is fake

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BBC Hindi Editor clarified that they have not conducted any political survey that claims that BJP will lose the forthcoming Elections in India.

Time and again we come across surveys online, that boast facts and figures, and as an avid internet user, we tend to believe the data.

A similar case cropped recently where we saw Hemant Ogale, National Secretary- Indian Youth Congress, took to Twitter, with his verified handle to share a survey, claiming to be conducted by BBC, showing facts about BJP losing the forthcoming elections.

He tweeted:

@BJP4India led #NDA will loose seats & @INCIndia led #UPA will win 2019 LS polls says CIA,KGB & MOSAD Survey. 

NDA Worst possible Performance - 95 Seats

NDA Best possible Performance -158 Seats

UPA-worst possible performance - 225 Seats

UPA-Best possible performance - 327 Seats


Claim- CIA, KGB, MOSAD survey says that NDA will lose 2019 election.

Since it was a verified handle’s tweet, the reach grew and many other congress supporters then shared the same story on various other Social Media platforms.

A Facebook post by John Snehanand reads

*BJP will lose seats and Congress led UPA will win 2019 Lok Sabha polls says CIA, KGB & MOSAD Survey...*

*CIA* American Spy Agency
*MOSSAD* Israeli Spy Agency

*BJP led NDA-Worst possible Performance* = 95 Seats.

*BJP led NDA Best possible Performance* = 158 Seats

*Congress led UPA-worst possible performance* = 225 Seats.
*Congress led UPA-Best possible performance* = 327 Seats.

*Prime Minister Narendra Modi is losing his popularity day by day in the country today. Main opposition party President Rahul Gandhi is emerging as the most popular leader amongst people of India, especially after his pre poll announcement of a scheme which will ensure 250 million Indians would get 12000 Indian Rupees approximately equivalent to 150 British Pound per month*

To make it look genuine, the users are sharing the website link of BBC which points to the home page of the website.

Fake Survey: BBC Editor

We searched for survey result by BBC on Google but couldn't find any. Keyword searches like "CIA, KGB, MOSAD survey" also didn't give any result.

In readers’ interest, BBC Hindi Editor Mukesh Sharma busted all claims and myths of having done any survey. He writes in a Facebook post (translated from Hindu):

It is often seen at the time of elections that people are misrepresenting that the BBC has done 'election survey' and this party/that party is winning the election. Again, such propaganda is happening. It is being said that the BBC has done a survey on the Lok Sabha elections-20019, while the BBC did not do any such survey. The BBC wants to make it clear that neither the BBC makes an election survey nor publishes the 'Election Survey' conducted by any one party. Even before this, the BBC has denied the credibility of election surveys conducted in its name.
Despite this, some people remain in the fray to take advantage of the BBC's credibility. Such cases have already been seen when such election surveys were conducted in the name of the BBC during the state assembly elections, but the truth is that the BBC has not conducted any such survey.

His clarification had come after several posts on social media claimed that BBC survey has predicted landslide victory of BJP in the 2019 Loksabha election. Message predicted BJP victory was going viral on Whatsapp as well. The viral message reads:

*BJP will gains seats and win 2019 Lok Sabha polls says CIA & ISI Survey...*

*CIA* American Spy Agency
*ISI* Pakistan Spy Agency

*BJP-Worst Performance* = 323 Seats.

*BJP-Best Performance* =380 Seats

State. Range
?Andhrapradesh(25) = 3 to 4
?Arunachalpradesh(2) = 2 to 2
? Assam (14)= 8 to 10.
? Bihar(40). = 30 to 35
? Chhatisgarh(11) = 6 to 8
? Goa (2) = 2/2
? Gujarat (26) = 24 to 25
? Haryana(10) = 6 to 8
? Himachal Pradesh(4) =4 to 4
? Jammu&Kashmir(6) = 3 to 3
? Jharkhand(14) = 8 to 10
? Karnataka(28) = 24 to 25
? Kerala(20) = 2 to 3
? Madhya Pradesh (29) = 24 to 25
? Maharashtra (48) = 36 to 38
? Meghalaya(2) = 1 to 1
? Mizoram (1) =1 
? Manipur (2) = 1 
? Nagaland (1) =1
? Orissa (21) = 8 to 10
? Punjab (13)= 5 to 6
? Rajasthan (25) = 20 to 24
? Sikkim (1) = 1
? Tamilnadu(39) = 28 to 30
? Telangana (17) = 1 to 2
? Tripura(2) = 2
? Utar Pradesh (80) = 45 to 70
? Uttarakhand (5) = 5
? West Bengal (42) = 10 to 12
? Andaman Nicobar(1) = 1
? Chandigarh (1) =1
? Dadra NagarHaveli(1) =1
? Daman & Diu (1) = 1
? Lakhshdweep (1) = 1
? Delhi (7) = 6 to 7
? Pundicherry(1) =1

*Prime Minister Narendra Modi is by far the most popular leader in the country today*

Conclusion: This is a fake pre-poll survey in which BBC's link has been added to make it look genuine. BBC has not conducted any such survey.

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