Fact Check: Are Hindus a Minority in Wayanad Lok Sabha constituency as claimed by PM Modi

Posted on 2019-04-01 12:44:52 by Neel Kamal


Zainab Sikander falsely accused PM Modi of lying about the demographics of Wayanad Loksabha Constituency. As per a report by India Today Wayanad Loksabha constituency has 57.98% Muslim votes.

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PM Modi in his rally in Wardha, Maharashtra said that Rahul Gandhi is contesting from a seat that is Hindu minority because they (Congress) are scared of Hindu anger. His reference was to Rahul Gandhi contesting from Wayanad in Kerala as the second seat. Rahul Gandhi is a sitting MP from Amethi in Uttar Pradesh.

Following this Zainab Sikander, who claims to be history grad, writer and political observer accused PM Modi of lying. She tweeted "False information. The demography of Wayanad is as follows: Hindus are 49.48% Muslims are 28.65% Christians are 21.34%".

Was PM Modi wrong to claim that Hindus are in Minority in Wayanad Lok Sabha Constituency?

The short answer is no, PM Modi was not wrong. The Demography stats given by Zainab Sikander is of Wayanad district which is just one of the three districts under Wayanad Lok Sabha constituency.

Her stats were directly copied from the Wikipedia page of Wayanad district. But she missed the information that Wayanad Lok Sabha constituency consists of three districts namely Wayanad, Malappuram and Kozhikode. Let's analyse the demographics of all the three districts.

1. Malappuram

In the 2011 census, the district had a population of 4,112,920. The district has 70.24% Muslims and 27.60% Hindus.

2. Kozhikode

According to the 2011 census Kozhikode district has a population of 3,089,543. The district has 56.21% Hindus while 39.24% Hindus.

3. Wayanad

According to the 2011 census Wayanad district had a population of 816,558. The district has 49.48% Hindus while 28.65% Muslims.

Total Population and Religion-wise breakup

The total population of Wayanad Loksabha Constituency is 8019021 (4112920+3089543+816558). Out of this Hindus' population is 3274677 (40.84%) while the population of the Muslim community is 4334165 (54.05%). The members of the Christian community are just 387525 which is only 4.83%.

Conclusion: PM Modi's claim is right that Hindus are a minority in Wayanad Loksabha Constituency.


One of our readers has pointed out that Malappuram and Kozhikode districts are separate Loksabha constituency and only certain parts of these two districts are in Wayanad constituency. We apologize to our readers for missing out such an important point.

Wayanad constituency consists of seven assembly segments Kalpetta of Wayanad, Sultan Bathery of Wayanad, Mananthavady of Wayanad, Thiruvambady of Kozhikode, Nilambur of Malappuram, Wandoor of Malappuram, Eranad of Malappuram.

Three assembly segments of Wayanad constituency are from Malappuram district which has over 70% Muslim population. Malappuram Lok Sabha constituency comprises of 7 assembly segments which mean Malappuram district is divided into 11 assembly segments.

Population in Nilambur assembly segment in 2016 = 206132 (Ref: Resultuniversity.com)

Population in Wandoor assembly segment in 2016 = 210149  (Ref: Resultuniversity.com)

Population in Eranad assembly segment in 2016 = 166044 (Ref: Resultuniversity.com)

So the total population of these three assembly segment is 582325. Considering 70% of the Muslim population, the number of Muslims will be 407628 and Hindus will be 160721 (27.6%). This is just an assumption based on the overall demographics of the district.

One assembly segments of Wayanad constituency is from Kozhikode district which has 56.21% Hindus and 39.24% Muslims.

The population of Thiruvambady assembly segment of Kozhikode = 168412 (Ref: Resultuniversity.com). So the Muslim population will be 66084 and Hindus will be 94664.

Now, the total population of Wayanad constituency =1567295 (816,558 + 582325 + 168412)

Muslim Population of Wayanad constituency = 707897 (234185 + 407628 + 66084)

Hindu Population of Wayanad constituency = 659845 (404460 + 160721 + 94664).

In terms of percentage Hindus are 42% while Muslims are 45.16%.

Since these numbers are based on a lot of assumption, we can't take the credibility of numbers. 

However, as per a report by India Today, Wayanad Loksabha constituency has 57.98% Muslim votes.

Earlier, Saba Naqvi had made a similar claim by quoting the figures of Wayanad district which is clearly wrong.

To this, Yashwant Deshmukh tweeted that as per his information, the Muslim votes in Wayanad Lok Sabha constituency are almost 50% while Christians are 15%.

Thus, all the available evidence and calculations based on our certain assumptions suggest that Hindus are indeed a minority in Wayanad Loksabha Constituency.

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