Serious Allegations of Human Rights Violation made by Lt. Col. Purohit

Posted on 2018-06-20 01:23:02 by Isha Hiremath


A letter sent by Lt. Col. Purohit to the National Human Rights Commission in 2013 has been made public. The letter goes into the details of the human rights violations made by the investigating officers.

A letter written by Lt. Col. Shrikant Purohit, (one of the accused in the Malegaon blast case 2008) to the national Human Rights Commission has recently been made public. It was written in December 2013 when he was in Taloja central prison in Navi Mumbai. The authenticity of the letter has been confirmed by the colonel himself when he was confronted by a Times Now journalist. This letter alleges that he was denied basic human rights and was subject to unimaginable physical and mental torture. The 24-page letter gives us a graphic details of the harassment he faced when he was detained between October – November 2008.

In the letter he states that he was produced in the court on November 24, 2008. On being asked for the reason of his physical condition, he informed the court of the physical torture cast upon him in his detention. He was therefore referred to the military hospital at Colaba, Mumbai where he was treated. He also writes that the medical reports from this hospital reiterates his stand as to what had happened at the time of his custody.

The NHRC has taken the responses of the six officers whom the colonel has mentioned and one of the accused according to reports has stated that there was no such violation of human rights done by the presiding officers. There has been no official action taken by the NHRC as of date since 2013. Therefore, according to the same report, a human rights activist has sent a letter to the PMO along with the colonel’s letter.

Although the letter makes a strong case of human rights violations and the colonel also claims to have the proof of physical torture in the form of medical reports, these allegations have to be thoroughly investigated and confirmed by the NHRC. We have to wait for any action to be taken so as to decisively conclude the authenticity of the facts contained within the letter.

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