The full story of Dr. Kafeel Khan's brother who was shot at

Posted on 2018-06-14 10:01:24 by Isha Hiremath


There is more to the story of Dr. Kafeel Khan's brother, Kashif Jameel being shot at in Gorakhpur. The main stream media might be hiding the past of Kashif Jameel for some reason

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Dr. Kafeel Khan’s brother Kashif Jameel was shot by two bike borne miscreants on June 10, 2018 in Gorakhpur. After this incident, his brother Dr. Kafeel took to the internet and posted a video on twitter and also circulated a Whatsapp video to people informing them about the tragic turn of events before lodging a police complaint. He also alleged that he always had an inkling that his family would be targeted or harassed by “them” meaning the state government. With this, the media fell into frenzy hinting out that somehow the state administration may have been behind this incident and sensationalised the incident.  

Soon after this, there were some twitter users suggesting that Kashif Jameel had also been shot in 2014 and that his family was involved in many land disputes.

In pursuit of the truth, I stumbled upon a news report of 2014 in Jagran newspaper. This report informs us that a person named Wadi Kashif Jameel Ahmad, a resident of Basanthpur was shot by some miscreants on March 21, 2014. This case fell under the jurisdiction of Rajghat police station in Gorakhpur. It also names all the 4 convicted criminals who are Azim Ahmad, Naushad Alam, Babbu Yadav and Muzzafar Alam.

One can definitely claim that after reading the above report, that the Kashif Jameel mentioned in the article may not be the same Kashif who is the brother of Dr. Kafeel Khan. But further reading of local newspapers gives us more hints. In one of the recent reports in the Amar Ujala newspaper, it informs us that Dr. Kafeel Khan resides in the same Basanthpur where Kashif Jameel also lives according to the first report (2014 case). Secondly, according to Amar Ujala newspaper, the latest case of shooting has fallen under Basanthpur police station jurisdiction whereas in the 2014 shooting incident, the case had fallen under Rajghat Police Station jurisdiction. A simple google search of the distance between the 2 police stations informs us that they are less than 550 meters away!

Distance between Rajghat police station and Basanthpur police station

A journalist also tweeted out saying that she has called the UP Police and asked if it is the same Kashif Jameel and that they had replied affirmatively.

A news report in Amar Ujala now informs us that the police are now looking into the land dispute angle to find out the culprits as the family has been involved in many fights and related to property. Also from this Firstpost article, we find out that Kashif Jameel is a property dealer and land disputes are common in his field of work.

With all this information at hand, we can easily assume that it is Kafeel Khan’s brother, Kashif Jameel who was shot earlier in 2014 and also has been involved in land disputes.

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