A latest episode of Priyanka Chopra’s ‘Quantico’ has left Indians fuming

Posted on 2018-06-07 04:07:37 by Neel Kamal


In latest episode of Quantico, Hindu men with Rudraksh who are identified as Indian nationalists are shown planning a Nuclear attack to frame innocent Pakistan and the Chopra's character, a young FBI agent named Alex Parrish stops it .

A recently aired episode of the show, “Quantico,” has angered many Indians. In the episode, which aired on June 1, an MIT professor acquires uranium with which he plans to make a nuclear bomb. Chopra's character, a young FBI agent named Alex Parrish, foils a plot by Indian nationalists to carry out a nuclear attack in Manhattan and frame Pakistanis for it days before a summit on Kashmir — a Himalayan territory that Pakistan claim as its own but belongs to India. Chopra's character thwarts the plot after noticing a Hindu symbol the rudraksha , a chain worn by one of the terrorists.

To many in India, the plot twist implicating Indians in a terrorist act amounts to a betrayal by Chopra.

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