Fact Check: Did a Congress MLA from Kerala put Pakistan's flag on his car

Posted on 2018-09-21 05:24:34 by FactHunt Admin


An old picture of a green colored car with a flag is going viral on social media again with the false claim that the flag is Pakistani.

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Less information about anything before making a statement is really dangerous and can promote the wrong message in today's world of social media where any news can become vital, be it true or fake.

Recently, we came across one post on social media in which a user has claimed that there is a Pakistani flag on the car and the car belongs to a Congress MLA of Kerala.

On Facebook, it was shared with the caption "Dekh lo chamcho tumhara congress ka vidhayak apna baap bhi Pakistan ko maanta hai. Modiji isko turant goli maarne ka aadesh de. Ye deshdrohi hai".

We did a reverse image search of the image, we found that this is an old image and have been shared in the past with similar claims. we also found that several articles have already been published revealing the truth behind this picture.

When we see the picture, there's a Mercedes painted in green color. Just above the number plate, MLA written board is there and above that Mercedes logo is there & above the logo, there is a green flag which is being claimed as Pakistani flag. 

Maybe because of MLA board, people are claiming it to be the car of an MLA. However, we don't have any proof of that.

Let us know the truth of the flag being claimed as Pakistani flag. The flag which can be seen in the picture actually belongs to IUML- Indian Union Muslim league which is a recognized state party in Kerala by ECI.

You can read more about this party here.

The picture in left is a Pakistan flag and picture in right is the flag of IUML - Indian Union Muslim League. The flag in the car is the right one.

So, the flag is similar to flags like BJP, INC and other parties and whoever has put that flag the on car is not a Pakistani or Pakistan supporter.

Before sharing any news or post like this, be sure to research about the claim properly.

Last year Gaurav Pradhan had tweeted "Kerala MLA car painted in green with Islamic flag is secular for Indian brothels pimps but Yogi Adityanath wearing bhagwa is intolerance"

He wants to target people who always question bhagwa colored dresses of UP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath. However, our constitution gives us the right to choice of clothes we wear and choice of car we ride. 

In our country, there are certain other things which need more attention rather than talking about the colors of dresses and cars.

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