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Fact Check: Old video from Manipur falsely shared to show recent violence reported from West Bengal

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An old video of violence during polls from Manipur dating back to April 2019 is being falsely shared as a recent incident from Coch Behar, West Bengal in the backdrop of the ongoing assembly elections in the state. 

A video has surfaced on social media platforms showing a crowd barging into a building while CRPF personnel controls the situation with the claim that the video is from ongoing assembly elections in West Bengal's Koch Bihar. 

A Twitter user shared the video with a caption saying, "Mamata Banerjee's supporter's mob storming a polling booth in coochbihar, West Bengal. EXCELLENT job done by the CRPF in pushing away the goons..."

The video is also viral on Twitter and Facebook. A Facebook user wrote, "Mamata Banerjee's supporters mob storming a polling booth in coochbihar, West Bengal.EXCELLENT job done by the CRPF in pushing away the goons...Actually Mamatha was totally upset by hearing news of 8 phase of polling. Engaging para military forces again shocked her. All these led to discontinuing of mass rigging polling station by the tmc...She is frustrated as EVM do not allow stuffing like ballot boxes do. EvM has a master unit and only booth officer can press a button and allow vote casting. It takes time and one cannot do rigging in old ways by mass stamping in advance and filling ballot boxes in minutes...Adarneeye Vijay Vaishnavi ji.....they were trying to show CRPF their gundaism within minutes CRPF showed them the reality- didi oooo didi."

The truth behind the claim

In our investigation, we found that the viral video is not related to the ongoing assembly elections and dates back to April 2019. 

With the help of reverse image search using the keyframes of the video, we found this video in a tweet by EastMojo in April 2019. As per the tweet, was from Manipur, where voters stormed into a polling booth and destroyed EVMs and VVPAT machines following alleged EVM malfunction. The location of the incident was specified as 6/10 Kyamgei Muslim Makha Leikai.

According to a Business Standard report on the incident, “In one of the booths at Kiyamgei Muslim Makha locality in Imphal East district, unidentified men stormed into a polling station around 11.30 am and broke EVMs and VVPATs, claiming that “proxy voting” was being carried out in the station, Chief Electoral Officer PK Singh told PTI.”

The New Indian Express reported quoting Singh, “It was only after the security personnel opened fire in the air, the mob dispersed.”

However, it is true that violence has been reported from Coch Behar, West Bengal, on the morning of April 10, the CISF personnel on duty at booth number 126 at Jorpatki in the Sitalkuchi constituency of the district opened fire, leading to the deaths of four people and another person receiving a bullet injury.

In conclusion, an old video of violence during polls from Manipur dating back to April 2019 is being falsely shared as a recent incident from Coch Behar, West Bengal in the backdrop of the ongoing assembly elections in the state.  


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