Dr. Manmohan Singh Fan Club - A habitual fake news peddler

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The unofficial fan page of Dr. Manmohan Singh is a habitual fake news peddler. The page is managed by Congress IT cell and has the habit of sharing fake news, photoshopped pictures against BJP and RSS.

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There is a Facebook page "Dr.Manmohan Singh - Fan Club" which is being run by some Congress supporters or maybe by Congress IT Cell guys, has made a habit of sharing fake, photoshopped and abusive posts. The page has more than 5 lakh followers and decent page engagement.

We have very strong reason to write that the page is being run by Congress IT cell. Recently the page was raising funds for the Congress Party.

Art of Sharing Fake News

On 15th September, in a post, the page has claimed that HRD Ministry has given 1,000 crores to non-existing (proposed) Jio institute.

We had already debunked such rumors when the list of Institute of eminence was announced 

"The Jio institute was selected under Greenfield category. Hence it was not competing with IITs for the eminent tag. Rs 1000 crore funding was only for the selected public institutions which include IIT Mumbai, IIT Delhi, and IISC Bangalore. Private universities will not get any funding from the government."

Conclusion: HRD Ministry has not given any money to the proposed Jio institute. 

Read our full story here: Is the government giving Rs 1000 crores to Ambani’s Jio Institute, did it compete with IITs to get the Eminence tag

Earlier, the page shared the post by a parody account of Republic TV to attack defense minister Nirmala Sitharaman.

Notice double i in the name. The original handle is @Republic We have already debunked this post. Read it here

Congress AICC Secretary trolled defense minister citing parody account

In another post, the page claimed that 23yr old Student Sofia Lois was arrested in Tuticorin Airport for shouting 'Down with Fascist BJP Government' at the face of TN BJP President TamilIsai Soundarajan.

Even though most of the media houses had published the report with similar headlines, the fact that she was arrested for shouting anti-BJP slogan is not correct. 

The fact is she was not arrested for shouting an anti-BJP slogan. Sofia was charged for causing public nuisance under section 290 of the IPC and for causing a breach of public peace under section 75(1)(C) of the Tamil Nadu City Police Act, 1888. She was arrested because creating a nuisance on an airplane isn't freedom of speech or dissent, it’s a crime.

Read our full report on this Sofia arrest Vs Freedom Of Speech: was she arrested for shouting anti-BJP slogan

The page on 22 August posted the screenshot of a tweet by hatemonger "The Last caveman" claiming "TISS students who were collecting funds for Kerala Flood Relief near Vashi station were bullied and ordered to stop by BJP/RSS workers, saying Kerala fund collection won't be allowed here. Malayalis this is an economic war against us".

But again the incident is unverified and most probably fake because RSS members were actively involved in the relief operation during Kerala floods. On Aug 19th,  Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh called upon the people of Bharat to stand by Kerala and shared few pictures from relief operation. Reference: RSS official website

On Aug 23 the page again falsely claimed that Modi Government has not given permission to accept Rs 700 crores aid from UAE. The post reads "The little boy shaking the hand if Indira Gandhi (is now the current king of UAE) he has sanctioned 700 crores as relief for Kerala floods. Modi Sarkar has still not given permission for Kerala to receive that funds".

As it turned out UAE had never offered Rs 700 crores aid to Kerala. Read our detailed report here

Fact Check: Who spread the misinformation about Rs 700 crore aid for Kerala by UAE

Art of Photoshop

Recently the page shared a badly photoshopped pic of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Here is the original photo shared by the official page of Narendra Modi.

During Kerala flood relief operation, the page shared another photoshopped picture of Narendra Modi.

The picture of PM Modi airlifting the flood victims is clearly photoshopped. Here is the original picture

Another edited picture was shared by the page to show that Vijay Mallya donated 35 crores to Bhartiya Janta Party.

But again this image is fake. Very similar images with exact amount are being shared on social media. 

Clearly, both the images are fake.

Note: We just checked the posts of last one month and found these many false claims, news, photoshopped pictures. We ignored the posts which can be termed as sarcastic and even abusive.


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