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Fact Check: Old video showing a policeman being thrashed viral with false claim

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A video dating back to August 2018, showing a policeman being beaten by a group of men is being widely shared on social media platforms with a misleading claim. 

Recently, a video has surfaced on social media platforms showing a policeman being beaten by a group of people. The video is being shared with the claim a group of Muslims thrashed police in Bareilly (UP) for issuing a challan to a man from their community.

A Facebook user shared the video with the caption in Hindi that can be roughly translated to, " Police was thrashed by Muslims for issuing challan in Civil Lines, Bareilly, which is a challenge to the law. This video tells what will happen in India. Who will run India? What will be the future? The reality is, the danger to the country is from inside more than outside."

Several other Twitter and Facebook users are sharing this video with the same caption in Hindi. 

The truth behind the claim 

In our investigation, we found this claim to be misleading. The video dates back to August 2018 and is not from Bareilly but from Ghaziabad.  The people in the video are beating the police over an altercation at the bank and not for issuing a challan. 

With the help of reverse image search, we found the viral video carried in a report by 'Dili Aajtak' YouTube page on August 29, 2018, reporting that the incident Ghaziabad. 

According to the Times of India report, a man named Imran came to the bank (State Bank of India’s branch in Balram Nagar in Loni border) for some correction in his Aadhaar details but did not follow the queue. When a bank official objected, he started creating ruckus and got into an argument with a private guard and a constable at the bank. But when they made him leave the bank, he returned with a group of 10-15 people who then allegedly beat up the constable. It was also reported that – When the argument went further, the constable allegedly slapped Imran. Following this, Imran’s sister beat the constable. She allegedly beat him up with slippers……Two persons, Rashid and Ismail of Ashok Vihar Colony, have been arrested, the SSP said, adding that efforts are on to identify and nab the other accused.’ 

Back in 2018, Ghaziabad Police took to Twitter and issued a clarification regarding the video. 

In conclusion, a video dating back to August 2018, showing a policeman being beaten by a group of men is being widely shared on social media platforms with a misleading claim. 

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