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Fact Check: Video from Mumbai being falsely shared to show the situation of poor in BJP ruled Bihar

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An old video from Mumbai showing a scuffle between police officials and vegetable vendors being falsely shared to show the situation poor in Bihar under the BJP rule. 

Ahead of Bihar Assembly elections that are scheduled to begin on October 28, a video surfaced on social media platforms showing police officials thrashing female vegetable vendors as they try to stop police from seizing their cart. The video is being shared to purportedly show the situation of the poor in Bihar under the BJP rule. 

The video was shared on a Facebook page named Yadav Sena with a caption in Hindi that can be roughly translated to, "Before voting BJP, people of Bihar should watch this video. This is the chance to take revenge on those who tortured our poor daughters and sisters, vote RJD."

At the time of writing this article, this video has been reshared over 1300 times. 

Many other Facebook users are sharing the same video with a similar claim. 

The video is also being shared on Twitter with the same caption. 

One can also hear some emotion music in the background. 

The truth behind the claim 

In our investigation, we found the claim shared with the video to be false. The video dates back to April 2020 and is from Mumbai, not from Bihar. Maharashtra is governed by the Shiv Sena-NCP-Congress alliance, not BJP.

With the help of reverse image search using the keyframes of the video, we found a report by The Quint according to which the video is from Mumbai’s Mankhurd area when a scuffle broke out between vegetable vendors and BMC and police personnel on April 17.

The fight began when a BMC personnel tried to seize a woman vendor’s vegetable cart as she was selling in a containment area.

Hindustan Times and news agency ANI also reported the incident. 

Once the official topples the woman’s cart, she is seen slapping him. This is followed by a scuffle with a policewoman where both the women exchange slaps and a fistfight ensues between the two. Other vendors and officials can be seen trying to intervene and stop the scuffle. The Mankhurd police have reportedly booked four vegetable vendors, including two women, for assaulting policemen and BMC officials

In conclusion, an old video from Mumbai showing a scuffle between police officials and vegetable vendors being falsely shared to show the situation poor in Bihar under the BJP rule. 

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