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Fact Check: Truth behind the viral news clipping showing the names of accused in sexual assualt of minors

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The viral news clippings showing a picture of brutality happening with minors with the help of a chart that presents the city where the crime happened, the name of the accused, and the age of the minor victims is from July 2019. The claims made in the viral clipping are true. 

Recently, in the backdrop of the Hathras case and the nationwide outrage over the horrific incident, a news clipping is being widely shared on social media platform with a communal angle. The clipping shows a picture of brutality happening with minors with the help of a chart that presents the city where the crime happened, the name of the accused, and the age of the minor victims. The chart has a title in Hindi that can be roughly translated to, "Brutality happening minors in the last month all over the country."

A Facebook user named M K Pathak shared the news clipping with a caption that can be roughly translated to, "In the last one month, the brutality happened with minors across the country. Must read the names of rapists who make small girls victims, their religion teaches them peace."

A Twitter user also shared this clipping targetting Congress supporters, few journalists, and media houses including ABP, Aaj Tak, NDTV, for not outraging when the accused belong to the Muslim community. 

According to the viral news clipping, 12 minor girls, as young as 3-year-old were assaulted over a period of a month and accused in all cases belonged to a particular community. 

When we check on the internet, we found that news clipping is doing rounds on Facebook and Twitter since July 2019. 

We also received a request on Whatsapp to check the veracity of the claim made in the viral clipping. 

The truth behind the claim 

We performed keyword searches on Google using the title seen above the chart and found an image of the same news report in which the content of the article is also visible. 

Now, using the keyword from the article, we performed keyword searches on google and found that this news report was published in a Hindi newspaper 'Swadesh on July 20, 2019. The same article was also published on their website. 

However, the report did not carry the chart, but the report mentioned the names, places and age of the minor victims stated in the chart. Hence, it is certain that a Hindi news paper published the report, however, we were not able to ascertain as which newspaper published the chart, whose image is doing rounds on social media since July 2019. 

Fact check of the claims made in the viral news clipping 

1. 3-year-old girl raped in Aligarh by Jahid Aslam 

In our investigation, we found that in June 2019, two men, namely Zahid and Aslam we arrested for brutally murdering a 2.5-year-old girl in Aligarh. Initially, the toddler's family also alleged rape, and some media houses and fact-checkers prematurely ruled out rape citing police. However, the post mortem report revealed that she was brutally murdered and her body was ripped apart, uterus missing, other genital organs missing, intestine missing, bones were broken and maggots found in her body. Since her genital organs were missing, the pm report couldn't confirm rape. It should be noted that "Rape not confirmed" is not the same as "she wasn't raped". We had covered this case in detail. You can read our article here:

Twinkle Sharma Murder case in Aligarh: Possibility of sexual assault not ruled out yet - POSCO Act applied in the case

The police also confirmed that the wife of one of the co-accused, Aslam, had filed a case at the Tappal police station for allegedly raping his own daughter in 2014.

In one of the most heinous acts witnessed in recent times, the minor girl was strangled to death, her eyes were gouged out and hands were broken. Her body was recovered when a few stray dogs dragged it from a garbage dump.

2. 8-year-old girl raped by Salim in Barabanki 

In our investigation, we found that a 40-year-old man named Salim brutally raped an 8-year-old minor girl in Barabanki district in June 2019. 

The family was informed when the child returned back home in the evening narrated the ordeal to her parents after which the family caught Salim and handed him over to the police. He was booked under the POSCO act. 

3. 9-year-old girl raped by Saddam Ansari in Bihar

In our investigation, we found a report by Jagran according to which a man named Saddam Ansari along with two others attemted to rape a minor girl, however, when they could not commit the heinous crime, they murdered the girl. 

4. 3-year-old girl raped by Mohd. Shadab in Meerut

In our investigation, a nine-year-old girl was raped, strangled to death and her body dumped in a sewer in Madhavpuram area of Meerut. The body of the girl, who went missing on June 4, 2019, and was recovered two days later. Police arrested a man named Mohd. Shadab who was in Tihar jail for four years after his name had cropped up in an earlier murder case in Delhi’s Kamla Market area in 2008.

According to police, the accused lured the minor girl on the pretext of giving chocolates and took her to a desolate spot and raped her.

5. 9-year-old girl raped by Shahnawaz in Varanasi 

In our investigation, we found that a 9-year-old Dalit girl was raped by a native in her locality named Shahnawaj in June 2019. The accused was caught red-handed by the minor's family and later handed over to the police. 

6. 14-year-old girl raped by Sohail in Shamli

In our investigation, we found that a 14-year-old girl was kidnapped from her house and was gang-raped by two men in June two men. The two accused, Sohail and Soman, who belonged to a minority community were booked under the relevant section of the POSCO act. 

7. 8-year-old girl raped by Arbaz in Bareilly 

In our investigation, we found that in June 2019, a man named Mohd. Arbaz took the minor girl to a cemetry where he threatened to kill her and raped her, in Bhojipur area of Bareilly. 

The police arrested the accused and he was booked under POSCO act. 

8. 10-year-old raped by Kalam Ansari in Sheohar

In our investigation, we found that in Sheohar, Bihar, a 55-year-old man, Kalam Ansari was caught raping a 10-year-old girl on June 10, 2019. the rape was reported from Hiramma police station where the 55-year-old Ansari was caught raping the minor girl. The local residents gathered together and first beat up the accused before handing him over to the police. The police confirmed that they have arrested one person in the case but refused to divulge any more information.

9. 12-year-old raped by Attaullah and Abdullah Khan

In our investigation, we found that 4 men including Abdullah and his brother Maijan were booked for raping a minor girl studying in 7th standard in a moving car after kidnapping her when she was going to the school on her cycle. 

The father of the girl received information about his daughter being kidnapped. Putting his own life in danger, he confronted the car, broke the windows, and got his daughter out. The father also held on to the accused as villagers came to his rescue. With the help of police, the accused were handed over to the police.

10. 6-year-old raped by Mohd. Nanhe in Delhi's Dwarka

In our investigation, we found information about the spine-chilling incident of sexual assault from a village near Delhi's Dwarka (sector 23), involving a 6-year-old girl.The minor was raped and brutally assaulted by a 24-year-old man, Mohammad Nanhe. After taking her to an isolated place, the accused raped the girl and fled.

Doctors stated that the veins of her private parts have burst. She was bit on her stomach and has deep injuries. She has undergone multiple surgeries 

The accused originally belonged to Bulandshahr and was found in an inebriated condition.Reportedly, he confessed to the crime. 

11. 7-year-old girl raped by Imran in Narela

In our investigation, we found that a seven-year-old girl who had gone missing from her home in north Delhi’s Narela 10 days ago was raped and murdered, the Delhi Police investigation has determined. A neighbour named Mohammed Imran has been arrested for the crime, which was reported on June 15, 2019.

12. 7-year-old girl raped by Sikarder in Jaipur

In our investigation, we found that  sent a 35-year-old man, arrested for raping a seven-year-old girl in the Shastri Nagar area in Jaipur in July 2019. Sikandar alias Jeewanu alias Jahid was booked under POSCO act. 

According to the police, the accused is a kind of sexual predator. He has been involved in natural and unnatural sexual acts with minor girls and boys, men and women and even with eunuchs. His sexual inclination is more towards men.

Hence, the claims made in viral clipping are true. 

In conclusion, the viral news clippings showing a picture of brutality happening with minors with the help of a chart that presents the city where the crime happened, the name of the accused, and the age of the minor victims is from July 2019. The claims made in the viral clipping are true. 

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