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All you need to know about the pictures of a stray dog as salesman in Hyundai Showroom

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Tucson Prime, a street dog was adopted by a Hyundai showroom in Brazil in May this year and was given an honorary employee status in the showroom.

If you are an animal lover you must have seen the pictures of a stray dog inside a Hyundai showroom by now. It is being widely circulated on social media.

A Facebook page "Life of Stray" posted the set of 4 pictures with a message:

"Kindness Exist  Hats off to Hyundai. A dog waited outside the #Hyundai Showroom until they let him in. Kind-hearted Hyundai made I card for him. He's an employee there now can Stay & Eat as well".

Several animal lovers have shared these pictures with a similar message praising Hyundai for the kind gesture.

True Incident in Brazil

A few days back, the official Instagram page of Hyundai Motor Brasil had shared the same set of pictures with a message that roughly translates to, 

"More than pet friendly, we are pet family: if today is "Vira-Lata Day" (a day to promote rescuing and adopting animals), there is no lack of reasons and #pets to celebrate! Meet @tucson_prime, the sales dog at the dealership @PrimeHyundai de Serra - ES. The new member is about a year old, was welcomed by the #Hyundai family, and has already won over co-workers and customers with his sympathy - and if he also just won yours, double-tap the photo! And you, have a family member with four legs so you love your #Hyundai? Post your photo with #HyundaiPets and keep an eye: it can show up here."

They have even created an Instagram profile for the adopted dog "Tucson Prime" where you can see more pictures of him. Tuscon even has a home inside the showroom.

According to the World of Buzz, Tucson was promoted to a car salesman after being adopted by Hyundai in May this year. He was made an honorary employee of the showroom. Now, he can be seen guarding the showroom.

Tucson was a street dog who was often seen hanging out near the Hyundai car showroom. The adorable dog soon made friends with employees of the showroom, who inducted him into their family and made him an honorary employee.

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