Journalists falling for satire news while reporting is a sign of lack of editorial policy in mainstream media

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Not only innocent people but even journalists are falling for such satire news. We advise our viewers to use own intelligence while believing any news. If you come across any sensational or unbelievable post, just check the source for the news.

Earlier we had reported how Indian social media users who are new to the online world often fall for satirical news and share it as if it is real. Such satirical pieces are written by Satirical news website and parody accounts. Read our report here.

People sharing Satire article as a real news is a sign of internet illiteracy

Now, these satirical pieces have also started affecting mainstream journalism.

NDTV in a recent article quoted a satire article by The UnReal Times as news. On 7th August 2018, NDTV published an article by one Nilanjana Basu that reported how Imran Khan, the Bollywood actor is often mistaken for the cricketer turned Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan. But she quoted a satire news article to substantiate her claim. The article quoted Unreal Times which is a satirical news website.

“That’s not it. In 2011, a CNN reporter scheduled an interview with the actor, mistaking him for Pakistani cricketing legend Imran Khan, who is now about to be appointed as Pakistan’s new Prime Minister. Here’s just an excerpt from the interview as procured from CNN by Unreal Times: “Reporter: For a fast bowler, you have quite a small build and frame. How did you manage to be successful in your sporting career despite being so puny?

Imran: You yanks have a very weird sense of humour. Er… my cute looks and puny frame help bowl maidens over, you see. Hopefully, I will continue to maintain a good strike rate going forward also.”

NDTV has updated the article but you can still view web archive of the article.

On August 10 AAP centric blog shared Janta Ka reporter quoted a fake tweet by parody account of Times Now to report that AAP will not join Mahagathbandhan in the upcoming election. The tweet reads “Just In: AAP will contest the 2019 election alone. After results, we will give outside support to Mahagathbandhan. Our party was formed to fight corruption, if we merge with crooks before elections, nobody will vote us, so after winning seats, we will join them.”

Later they rectified the mistake and Tweeted an apology admitting the error.

There are parody accounts of almost all the news channels, journalists, politicians, cricketers and actors. These parody accounts often post satirical content which looks like a real news. 

Recently, the parody account of CNN News 18 tweeted a fake news that Congress leader Sashi Tharoor is set to get married to Mehr Tarar, who is a Pakistani journalist. This news also got a lot of reaction and people shared it as if it is real.

These incidents show the internet illiteracy of Indian social media users. We advise our viewers to use own intelligence while believing any news. If you come across any sensational or unbelievable post, just check the source for the news. If anyone is sharing any quotes or news on WhatsApp or any other social media, please ask for the source of the news.

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