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COVID19 Deaths Due to Health Care Collapse in India

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There have been various reports about people dying due to a lack of healthcare facilities. In some cases, ambulances didn't reach on time while in some cases hospitals turned down the patients.

This hashtag documents all the COVID19 deaths due to Health Care Collapse in India.

Total Incidents: 4

Real Incidents: 4

Fake Incidents: 0

A symptomatic patient turned down by LNJP hospital in Delhi

A patient with COVID19 symptoms was turned down by LNJP hospital in Delhi. He later succumbed to the disease.




A COVID19 patient died in Safdarjung hospital as she was not admitted

A COVID19 patient died in Safdarjung hospital due to the lack of treatment. She was denied admission to various hospitals in Delhi before reaching Safdarjung hospital. She was on oxygen support in Ambulance and died as soon as oxygen supply got over. She was asked to wait till the COVID19 test result comes.


Mandeep Singh's 68 year old father in law died outside LNJP Hospital in Delhi

On June 1, Mandeep's 67-year-old father-in-law (a high-risk patient who was also asthmatic) tested positive for COVID19. They called several hospitals including Max, Apollo, AIIMS, Safdurjung — all the hospitals directed them not to come as they did not have beds. With nowhere to go, they called Delhi government helpline number but couldn't reach them as the number was always busy.
On June 3, when the situation worsened, they went to LNJP hospital where doctors initially refused to admit him as he has tested in Gangaram hospital and advised them to take the patient back to Gangaram hospital where there were no beds available for COVID19 patients. However, on further insistence, one doctor did attend him but by that time the patient's health had already deteriorated badly and couldn't survive.

Pic Credit: Mojo Story


50-year-old woman dies after 12 hospitals refuse admission in Bengaluru

A 50-year-old woman with breathing difficulties died on Saturday after a shortage of beds forced 12 hospitals to refuse admission. Her husband Babu said the family had approached 12 hospitals in three days, including Victoria Hospital and other private hospitals.