Should scientists have announced the success of Mission Shakti instead of PM Modi

Started on 2019-03-27 14:23:24 by Neel Kamal

OP's Perspective

Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced on 27th March 2019 in a televised address to the nation that India shot down one of its satellites in space with an anti-satellite missile or A-SAT and has now established its place in an elite club of space powers.  India is the fourth country to have tested an anti-satellite weapon after the US, Russia and China.

"This is a big moment for India, something all of us should be proud of. We are not just capable to defend on land, water and air, but now also in space. I congratulate all scientists who have made this possible and made India a much stronger nation," PM Modi said, ending his speech with "Bharat Mata ki Jai"

Following the announcement, many journalists raised an objection to PM Modi announcing the success of Mission Shakti and suggested that scientists should have made the announcement instead of prime minister.

Rajdeep Sardesai tweeted "Sometimes, maybe just sometimes, our netas should allow our scientists to be in the public eye. Today was one such day when PM @narendramodi could have considered giving the space/def scientists their moment in the sun to make the announcement. Or does election time = tv time!".