Was Statue of Unity really required

Started on 2018-11-02 09:19:02 by FactHunt Admin

OP's Perspective

On October 31, 2018, India's Prime Minister, Narendra Modi,  unveiled the almost 600 feet (182 metres) tall statue of Sardar Patel (called the Statue of Unity). Widely reported to be the tallest in the world – four times as tall as the Statue of Liberty in New York – this statue has been built at a huge cost of about Rs 3000 crores.

Patel, former deputy prime minister of India, on whose 193rd birth anniversary the statue was unveiled, is called the "Great Unifier" and "Iron Man of India" because he is said to have unified India after the Partition in 1947 and was reputedly a strong administrator.

Was the statue really required?