Educational qualification important for political leaders and ministers or not?

Started on 2018-06-11 03:16:48 by Neel Kamal

OP's Perspective

In general there is a perception that at one's literacy is no measure of one's political acumen and the ability to rule. But some section of our society mainly left leaning and anti-BJP people had raised concerns about education qualification of the then HRD minister Mrs Smriti Irani. Even the educational qualification of Prime Minister Narendra Modi is debatable.

Now in Karnataka assembly, higher education ministry has been assigned to GT Devegowda who is 8th pass, Food and Civil Supplies ministry to Zameer Ahmed Khan who is 10th pass and Science & technology ministry to a 12th pass K.J George. Unsurprisingly no one from the left wing warriors who were concerned about Smriti Irani's education qualification has raised any concern about the issue.

So let's discuss how important is educational qualification for our leaders and ministers.