Cattle Thief attacked and killed by Villagers when he was trying to steal Buffalo

Uttar Pradesh, India

2018-08-29T18:30:00.000Z Cattle Smuggling

Cattle Thief attacked and killed by Villagers when he was trying to steal Buffalo

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Shahrukh Khan was caught stealing buffalo however IndiaSpend chose to ignore the same


Sharukh Khan

Meanwhile, Bareilly SP (city) Abhinandan Singh said, “Shahrukh Khan and his three aides, Majid, Pappu and one unidentified person, were in the process of stealing a buffalo from the house of a local farmer named Gajendra Pal around 3am on Wednesday. However, the farmer spotted them and raised an alarm. Within minutes, a crowd of nearly 50 villagers gathered there. While his aides managed to flee, Khan was caught and was severely thrashed for several hours.

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Cattle Thief attacked and killed by Villagers when he was trying to steal Buffalo

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