Separating facts from rumours: All you need to know about Citizenship Amendment Bill 2019

Through this article, we have tried to debunk the misinformation around Citizenship Amendment Bill 2019.

Paytm customers receiving phishing SMS from fraudsters, company warns users

A number of Paytm users received phishing SMS that their KYC has been suspended. The company has called out the message as fake and warned the users against such frauds. 

Truth behind Anant Hegde's claim about Fadnavis' three-day government in Maharashtra

Devendra Fadnavis refuted Anant Hegde's claim that Fadnavis was sworn in as Chief Minister of state despite knowing they lack a majority to transfer” bullet-train project funds worth Rs 40,000 to the central government. He said those familiar with inter-governmental accounting systems know that the transfer of funds does not work the way it has been claimed.

No copy-paste in the P Chidambaram's bail plea order, clarifies Delhi HC

After the Delhi High Court dismissed the bail petition of P Chidambara, a rumor surfaced on mainstream news media and all over the internet that in its judgment, the Delhi High Court has copy-pasted and mixed some facts, from an old and unrelated 2017 case. However, on Monday the Delhi Court put out a clarification that the mention of the ‘Rohit Tandon Vs Enforcement Directorate’ case in paragraph 35 of the verdict was just reference purposes.

Ministry of External Affairs issues warning about fraudulent websites duping people for passport services

The Ministry of External Affairs’ official website ‘Passport Seva’ has issued a warning about fake portals that are disguising as official websites for Passport related services. Such fraudulent websites also levy hefty charges for filling up online forms and scheduling appointments for services related to passport.

No, an Indian Army Officer didn't demand Khalistan: The man in army uniform is an imposter

A video of a man demanding Khalistan claiming himself as an Indian Army soldier went viral but Indian army later clarified that he was an imposter.

BJP MLA Raja Singh suffered head injury after scuffle with Hyderabad Police: Video shows he hit himself with stone

The police have accepted that a scuffle broke out, however, they denied doing lathi-charge. The video of the incident shows Raja Singh hitting himself with a stone.

Fact Check: Did Vinod Dua violate Model Code of Conduct by Live Streaming Exit Polls?

Vinod Dua and Swaraj Express violated the model code of conduct by airing the exit poll after the 3rd phase of the election. As per EC's guidelines, no opinion/exit polls can be published during the election.

Fact Check: Karnataka State Election Ambassador Rahul Dravid's name deleted from voting list

Karnataka state Election Ambassador Rahul Dravid will not be able to vote on April 18. Meanwhile, a tweet is doing rounds suggesting that the Election Commission of India deleted Rahul Dravid's name and then didn't re-include it. This post brings out clarity on the matter.

Fake News Survey Report 2018-19 By ""

The findings from the NextElection Fake News Survey 2018-19 suggest that even this basic task of identification of statements as fact, fake or opinion presents a challenge.

Separating Facts from Rumours: Islamization of Pakistan and the fate of minority-communities.

The minority population in Pakistan (West) decreased from 14% in 1941 to 1.3% in 1951 but grew up 1.6% in 1998. While in East Pakistan (Now Bangladesh) there has been a constant decline in the minority population.

All you need to know about NOTA: Possibility of Re-election if NOTA gets more votes than the contesting candidates

NOTA votes don’t affect the outcomes of an election at present. To give greater sanctity to NOTA and even order a fresh election, Rule 64 of Election Commission will have to be amended and can be done by the law ministry and will not require Parliament sanction.

Congress party and its IT cell used old images of river Ganga to target BJP government

Congress party has been attacking BJP government over its failure to clean river Ganga. However, they scored a self-goal when they shared images from their own time to target current government.

Alt News failed to acknowledge our rebuttal, silently updated the article after our expose

Alt News didn't even acknowledge our rebuttal and ignored our email completely. When pointed out on social media, they updated the article silently.

Part 1: Exposing Dhruv Rathee and his squad - an undeclared IT Cell of Aam Aadmi Party

Dhruv Rathee is an Aam Aadmi Party's supporter and left-leaning youtube blogger who mostly opposes BJP and right-wing through one-sided opinion which he calls facts. He has formed a Facebook group called Dhruv Rathee Squad to mass report profiles who exposes him and write against him or Aam Aadmi Party.

Arun Jaitely's meeting with Vijay Mallya - Separating Facts from Rumours

I met the Finance Minister before I left, repeated my offer to settle with the banks", says Vijay Mallya outside London's Westminster Magistrates' Court. However, within minutes of Arun Jaitley countering him publicly, Vijay Mallya did a massive U-turn and said he didn't have a formal meeting with the Finance Minister.

Story behind viral picture of a crying schoolgirl with grandmother

While the grandmother-granddaughter duo is claiming that she is living in an old age home out of choice for spiritual reasons, the photographer also stands by his story which was published in 2007 in Divya Bhaskar.

Cross check the IT Refund message if you have received any - CERT-in Advisory

If you have received income tax refund message then check it again. It may be a phishing attack to steal your data.

Journalists falling for satire news while reporting is a sign of lack of editorial policy in mainstream media

Not only innocent people but even journalists are falling for such satire news. We advise our viewers to use own intelligence while believing any news. If you come across any sensational or unbelievable post, just check the source for the news.

People sharing Satire article as a real news is a sign of internet illiteracy

Indian social media users who are new to the online world often fall for such satirical news and share it as if it is real. These days even mainstream media are publishing satirical content on their website. So always look for a disclaimer which is found at the bottom of the article.

ATM Fraud - Be careful while using ATM

A video showing how ATM fraud works and we should be careful while using ATM cards.

Lord Ayyappa's Birth and Section 377: What is the story?

How did Lord Ayyappa come to be? Should allusions of homoeroticism and homosexuality in Hindu mythology be considered reason to repeal Section 377? Read on to know about how this tweet war coinciding with special dates of the Section 377 judgement has a story to tell.

Co-founder of Alt News and abusive twitter handle was caught lying on Twitter

The co-founder of left-leaning fact-checking website Altnews was caught sharing misleading information on Social Media.

The Current Condition of Delhi's Mohalla Clinics

The Mohalla Clinics initiative started by the AAP government earned the praise of many critics but the current state of some clinics makes us wonder if the clinics are becoming a wastage of money due to the lack of maintenance.

Cattle smugglers are killing owners across India, farmers are facing a threat to life and livelihood

Gangs of smugglers enter villages at night, armed with guns and pistols, to kidnap cattle before fleeing away in trucks which they sell for slaughter. While the country is battling against various lynching committed by men in the name of cow protection, this is another issue that deserves our attention.


Human Rights Report on Kashmir and its Apparent Bias

The UNHRC came up with a report on human rights violation in Kashmir for the first time. This report was highly criticized for its bias and India has plainly and firmly rejected this report.

Sushma Swaraj Faces the Wrath of her Supporters

Sushma Swaraj, the External Affairs Minister faced severe backlash of her supporters on Social Media after accusing her of minority appeasement.

Politics over death: The latest Controversy of Rohith Vemula

Radhika Vemula, the mother of late research scholar, Rohith Vemula has made some serious allegations against the Indian Union Muslim League.

Serious Allegations of Human Rights Violation made by Lt. Col. Purohit

A letter sent by Lt. Col. Purohit to the National Human Rights Commission in 2013 has been made public. The letter goes into the details of the human rights violations made by the investigating officers.

The Direct Consequences of Fake News Spread by Social Media

There are many incidents in the recent times of mobs who lynch people suspecting them to be child kidnappers. This phenomenon has now become pan Indian with the latest incident taking place in Assam where two tourists were killed for asking directions to locals.

The full story of Dr. Kafeel Khan's brother who was shot at

There is more to the story of Dr. Kafeel Khan's brother, Kashif Jameel being shot at in Gorakhpur. The main stream media might be hiding the past of Kashif Jameel for some reason

Shehla Rashid has showed epitome of shamelessness by accusing RSS and Nitin Gadkari of plotting Modi's assasination

“Looks like RSS/Gadkari is planning to assassinate Modi, and then blame it upon Muslims/Communists and then lynch Muslims #RajivGandhiStyle,” Shehla Rashid tweeted on 9th June.

A latest episode of Priyanka Chopra’s ‘Quantico’ has left Indians fuming

In latest episode of Quantico, Hindu men with Rudraksh who are identified as Indian nationalists are shown planning a Nuclear attack to frame innocent Pakistan and the Chopra's character, a young FBI agent named Alex Parrish stops it .

No semen detected in the Holi balloon submitted by Delhi student

Forensic Science Laboratory report states that no semen could be detected on the balloon sample submitted by the two students who had alleged that some men threw semen filled balloon at them on the eve of Holi earlier this year.

What is anti defection law? What is its pros and cons?

Defection can be defined as a situation in which party leader abandons his loyality toward his own party and provides support to other parties.

Credit for this post goes to Prarthit Sharma who wrote it on Quora

Full text of the chargesheet filed by the police in Kathua rape case

As such once again the little girl Xxxxx was gang raped firstly by accused Deepak Khajuria @ Deepu and then by JCL. After committing the barbaric act of rape on minor victim the accused Deepak Khajuria @ Deepu kept her neck on his left thigh and started applying force with his hands on her neck in order to kill her. As accused Deepak Khajuria @ Deepu was unsuccessful in killing her another accused JCL killed her by pressing his knees against her back and strangulated the girl by applying force on both the ends of her Chunni.